Thursday, 21 July 2011


Heyy , wahh ! It's been a long time since I have post right ? Soo , I'm kinda bored now . Gonna go to sleep . Today is a very tiring day and so on the next day . Woohoo ! I'm not going to SMK Taman Maluri , which is awesome ! And I'm going to go to SMK Cochrane . :D
Can't wait to meet my awfully wonderfull friends : Aini , Fathiyah , Bell , Adam , Melati and loads more <3
I'm going with Miera I think . Hehehe 
Aini told me there's like 2 ghost house which is I'm not going to enter no matter what .
I got loads of tons weird things happen to me . 
Woahhhh ! Next week exams , and I'm not going to go to 1 Budi . Never ! ahaha We will see .
I have been in front of BOOKS all day and I'm tired .
Today I sleep from 7.30 pm till 3.00 am . LOL
Today , I was thinking about not going to school but I can't . 
Ema , is coming to my house today at 9.00 am .
Hanging out and later go to school together .
Soo , that's it . And Good Morning To Malaysia and to the world .
I'm off <3

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