Friday, 8 July 2011

Fever and Today .

Noooo , my fever is coming back . Why today I got a really really bad news ?
Actually , I don't really want to participate in the "Sukan Tahunan 2011"
Well , I have to run 1500 meters . I mean , ustazah , seriouslyyyy ?
Bytheway , Miqail if you read this . Add me backk ! don't wanna add me sudahhh .
Andd what du you think of my blog ? pinkk ? well my favourite colour is purple soo pink is okayy .
Now , I'm doing my science homework while online facebook .
My exams is 2 weeks more and I gotta study hard cuz I don't wanna go to 1B
Andd , there's 2 boys ask me to couple today , ***** and **** .
I don't know weather I wanna to be single or in a relationship .
Weellll , I'll just think about that later .
Today Azzim Haiqal walk me home , isn't he's nice . ahaha
On this Tuesday , I got a big problems . 
Now , I started to like blog cuz I can express my feeling and what I do today . It's fun .
I'm so tired , cuz tomorrow I have to go to Dancing class .
Tomorrow we are gonna do tango . ahahahaha 
Awesoom right ?
I'm hungry . Ahhhh , what to du ? what to du ?
So I guess later at night , I will post some more okay . 
byebyee bloggies <3 I lovee youu

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